09 December 2007


a lovely london day out with mum

gazing at twinkly lights
getting aquainted with uniqlo
eating christmas sandwiches with parsnip crisps
becoming smitten with everything in liberty
(these trimmings had to come home with me)

at the risk of sounding crazy i'm going to aim to post each day for a week...probably the busiest time of year + all but lots going on creatively + my mum did mention that it's been a bit quiet on my blog front lately...so see you here tomorrow for a mince pie + a new banner (well it is winter now so i'd better get with the season!) xxx


rebecca said...

I think uniqlo is great too and liberty love goes without saying!

Good luck on the posting front!

Gigibird said...

You don't do things by halves do you?
Teasing us all with your notions;-)
I am looking forward to all your posts:)

Ali said...

Liberty at Christmas is just magical.

Bev and Ollie "O" said...

I love Liberty too! beautiful trimmings! and that photo of the lights in London is so pretty .

Gigibird said...

Love your new banner:)

ambika said...

That velvet and lace trim is to die for!

fanja said...

hi kelly, that sounds like a nice day in the capital, love uniqlo too!

Babelfish said...

Hey, I've missed so much!
So nice to see happy things happening, London must be a hustle and bustle of activity this time of year.

Women's Clothing said...

I love UNIQLO, they've got such a cool women's clothing range, full of weird and wonderful designs and materials.