12 December 2007


it's crispy + cold outdoors
i have a day off + i'm having the best time
cosy in my studio
radio on + singing away
bosco by my side in hibernation mode
scented candle burning

a few ticks on the long list of things to do
including our christmas cards
yes i've kept the potato print theme for another year
with some stitching detail this time
to represent the flat landscape that surrounds us

i started off with a uniform row of trees
but i'm starting to like a bit of random spacing

best get back to my production line!

(love leya's homemade cards)

updated to show you another colourway
gold + rose
can you tell i'm having fun?


Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

I adore your cards! So cute!

Gigibird said...

I am frightened to use card in my sewing machine just in case it upsets it....but I love stitching detail on card:)
You look terribly organised.

kelly said...

metres upon metres have been through my little janome. infact that's all i used it for to start with! i've only got into stitching fabric in the past few years : ) touch wood it's not let me down so far!

organised? ha! more like putting off shopping...but will have to face the crowds on friday. note to self :: start making all presents in september next year!

Sarah Jayne said...

What great cards. It's a great idea using both printing and sewing.
I've used paper in my sewing machine - I found the trick was to go slowly and to use a new needle.

Ali said...

Your cards look beautiful. Had you heard? Potato printing is the new Gocco!

shari said...

oh these are so lovely.

julie said...

These are gorgeous Kelly - love the spacing too..and i think that every crafty girl needs a gocco printer, dont you agree :)))

Catherine said...

Lovely cards, I think potato print is highly underrated, especially with results like that!

Di said...

Your cards are fantastic! I really like them!

Babelfish said...

Yay, potato prints! Makes me feel like a kid just looking at them :) They are beautiful.